The Underlying Themes Present In Both Godfather And Goodfellas

Godfather or Goodfellas?

Even though Goodfellas is a different movie than Godfather, both movies have many similarities. The fall of great characters is a common theme. A great character is someone of high importance and status. Both movies depict the downfall of great characters in a different way. The Godfather shows Michael’s fall in a much more polished way. Goodfellas, however, shows the horrifying and under-reported secrets of the Italian Mobsters.

Michael, who was a veteran of war, had not intended to return to his father’s business when the Godfather began. Michael was the “good guy” at the time. Michael was forced to get involved in the family business when problems and situations began to arise. Michael seemed like a good guy at first. He stood up against his father’s enemies and saved his family. As the film progressed, his father made him into a “bad” person. His father did not want Michael to become a Mobster. You can see that Michael was a very good person. You can see how distraught the father was when he learned that his only son, a pure man, had entered a new world. Michael’s turning points came when he was able to kill the two individuals who posed a danger to his family. His safety and his innocence were destroyed as soon as the bullets left the gun. Michael, once called innocent and good, has been lost forever. Michael would always be a dangerous, powerful, dishonest, and corrupt man. The wealth and power that gangsters have accumulated attracted him to them. He rose up the ranks of the mob to become a prominent figure and eventually became a successful businessman. He was living the high-life worry-free before he knew it. Henry had grown so powerful, he could just walk into any location to get the best services. Henry was overcome by greed. Henry was driven by greed and began to sell and steal drugs. Henry was warned repeatedly by members of the mafia against getting involved in drug dealing. Henry was not deterred from his drug-related activities and found himself in serious trouble. His life collapsed after he was taken into custody and placed in jail for several years. He couldn’t live the high-life he used to love and had to start again as a “normal” citizen. He calls himself the Great Henry, but he is no longer that Great Henry.

The Godfather isn’t about the fall of one person. It shows two. The original Godfather himself is thrown out of high-ranking in the mafia. He is shown to be a weakling in the final moments of his life. It is almost impossible to feel defeated in this atmosphere. It is less important for him to be Godfather than it used to. Goodfellas also features the downfall of many characters. Tommy, Paulie, Jimmie, and Paulie are three of the mafia’s top leaders. Jimmie and Paulie are both executed in prison. Tommy is also killed by his mafia relatives. Henry’s downfall is shown in Goodfellas’ makeup. Henry appears glowing in the beginning but his skin becomes paler as the film progresses. He appears tired and defeated.

Goodfellas is a movie that shares many similarities to Godfather. A major element in the movie was a character’s death. Even if people are kind and good-natured, they do eventually fall. It is impossible to predict what your life will bring. As you can see, Michael became the bad guy and Henry became the big bad gangster. You can have the best of both worlds. It is impossible to predict what you will find in your life.



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