The Theme Of Inmates Struggling Waiting For Execution In The Green Mile

Review of the Green Mile

The Green Mile centers on the struggles of several death row inmates before they leave this world. The Human Zoo is a place where compassion would seem to be lacking, but that’s not always the case. The film may look like a prison drama at first, but it is actually a magic realism movie with underlying themes of compassion and good versus evil.

John Coffey has the unique ability to look into people’s hearts by touching them. He is also able to take any disease they have, and transfer it onto him, which he then releases as dust and flies. Coffey’s a simple, timid man despite being a giant. Coffey is one of The Green Mile’s main characters, thanks to his powerful powers. Coffey feels the pain an inmate suffers when he is killed by the electric chairs several hundred yards away. Coffey is compassionate and relieves Paul Edgecombe’s urinary system infection. Edgecombe gives Coffey cornbread to thank him for his healing touch. Coffey also shows off his compassion when he asks Paul to split the cornbread between him and Eduard Delacroix.

Percy Wetmore is a guard who abuses prisoners in an unfathomably cruel manner. He uses his truncheon to rap Delacroix on the knuckles because Delacroix is looking at him incorrectly. Percy stomps Delacroix’s mouse Mr. Jingles as well. Percy is always portrayed as sadistic. He enjoys his power over the inmates. Percy is still malicious when it’s time to kill Delacroix. Wetmore uses the electric seat to slow the pace of death for the arsonist. Delacroix’s slow death takes nearly four minutes due to the powerful electrical current. Percy is rewarded for his lack of empathy at the conclusion of the movie.

Wild Bill Wharton has borderline insanity and enjoys playing malicious jokes. Wharton, who is borderline insane and pulls malicious pranks for laughs, has no regard whatsoever for anyone. Coffey, who was trying to help Coffey save the girls, tells Edgecombe Wharton had murdered them.

The characters that show compassion are separated from those who do not. The Green Mile makes it easy to see who’s good and who’s evil. Coffey is so cruel that he gives his powers to Percy. Coffey influences Percy into shooting ‘Wild Bill Wharton,’ who has just become catatonic. Wetmore lacked any compassion while he lived in the Green Mile. John Coffey’s punishment was a result of his maliciousness. Coffey was able to see into the hearts of others, and even Wharton who killed two children in prison, died because he had this power.

The Green Mile’s main characters are driven by compassion. Wharton was not the only person who inspired the prison guards. John Coffey gains respect for his work in the Mile and it is also what cost Percy Wetmore’s mind. Compassion would not be common in a place as grim as death row. But thanks to Paul Edgecombe’s kindness and John Coffey’s healing abilities, that isn’t the case. Percy Wetmore would have made the Mile into a den full of dogs if he had not shown compassion. The film shows how human compassion shines through even in depraved places.


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    Kayla Russo is an educational blogger and volunteer and student. She is a 27 yo educational blogger and volunteer and student who loves to help others learn.



Kayla Russo is an educational blogger and volunteer and student. She is a 27 yo educational blogger and volunteer and student who loves to help others learn.

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