Investigation Of The Main Themes In The Movie “Wonder”

Based on “Wonder”, we can see that there are many themes. Miranda told lies about herself and her life to all her camp friends in the hope that it would increase her popularity. However, her best friend was hurt by this.

But, she realized at the end that Via’s friendship was what is most important. Jack Will also tried to fit in with Julian’s friends but found that Auggie was more important. Miranda claims that Miranda lied in order to get people to love her. While lying may seem harmless to some, it doesn’t mean that everyone is going to suffer. The only thing worse than lying is deceiving other people. This theme was clearly displayed throughout the movie. Each character’s perspective helped viewers to better understand it. You can also see the differences in how people look at their physical appearance and what they have to offer. Auggie was bullied as a child and had to deal with a lot of negative criticisms. But he didn’t let that stop him. This can be described as Auggie being kind by not fighting his bullies. Unfortunately, too many acts of kindness can be abuse and cause him to lose his ability to forgive bullies. His refuge from bullying was acceptance, forgiveness, bravery, and the positive attitude of his inner beauty. Henly (2017) says that it is okay to be who you are, regardless of what your physical appearance. Henly (2017) stated that Auggie hoped to one day be well-known for his unusual appearance. In shame, Auggie spent half of his film wearing an astronaut’s helmet. The third theme in the movie is the family’s love, which encourages their children no matter what. In the movie, it is evident that Auggie’s maturation and growth were not easy for the Pullmans. They didn’t see this as a disadvantage or reason to dislike Auggie. This has allowed them to love and accept Auggie better. Via envied the brother she didn’t love because she felt her parents were too busy. However, Via chose to understand, comfort and care for her brother despite her feelings. Jones (2017) makes a great quote that says you will feel alone. Auggie experienced the discomfort of strangers staring at him. The film shows how he overcame this feeling and that he has a family that will never forget about him. The movie did not portray the love between the family in a positive light. They were there to support and encourage Auggie, despite his uniqueness as a child. Wonder missed an opportunity to better portray the love of the family. Although Auggie and Via love each other, the movie made it seem like Auggie is their only love. While the movie’s themes are clear, there were some good examples. The film’s main focus was on the kindness that each person shows no matter what their experiences.

Auggie gets a special award for kindness to others, regardless of what other people have said. Auggie is a tough child. He is strong, brave, kind and a great example to others. Auggie does his best to ignore the ridicules that he is subject to every day. He may have been outcasted, but he chose kindness because that is what his faith requires. He was made to feel sorry by the bullies at the end. They were kind and forgiving. It was obvious that the movie brought forth kindness from friends, teachers, and family members. The viewers were able to see how little it took to make a difference. Although it wasn’t mentioned often, the movie conveyed the theme of kindness very clearly. Wonder taught us that everyone is preternatural and unique in our own ways. Wonder’s core message is that you can choose between being right and being kind. (Dyer, N. D.).



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