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Red, however, is the person who gives the information to Andy. The audience is on his side and opposes those who would harm him. We are able to see the world through his eyes because he takes up the majority of screen time. Red’s narration is the primary reason for our sympathy. Red’s narrative voice is the main reason we sympathize with Andy.

Red, the person who tells us about Shawshank Redeemer’s story is dramatizing it. Red is also the one telling Andy’s story, and it is he who uses the word “I”. It also helps to separate us from Andy. This is consistent with the character of Andy. Red is unable to see what happened, so we are limited in our understanding of the story. There are some things Red cannot see like when Andy escape and these create a sense of mystery for the audience, which they in turn try to solve.CinematographyThis film is in the classical style, combining elements of both formalism and realism. It combines elements from the dreamer, romantic and dramatic genres. The film also contains a lot of symbolism, which is made evident by the use of many different techniques and elements. However, the motion picture photography plays a vital role in this movie. The entire flick is a idiom film that was created in 1994. United States of America can have the best of both the formalized and important designs by combining them. The use of slow zooms and long takes to create intimacy with the characters in this film is a combination of realism, close ups and formalism.

Once the “sisters”, Andy’s first attackers, begin to use formalism in their attack on him, this is one of the most effective tricks. A good angle is also important, especially when actors are able to do it. Low angles are used for most of the film to give a powerful impression. High angles, which are usually bird’s-eye views, are used to show its ineptitude to the actors.

This film combines lighting and medium designs from different genres. The genres include drama, dreamer films or jailbreak films, as well as romance.

The motion-picture photography has a lot of detail, especially when it comes to closeups. This gives the image a depth that is unlike anything I have seen in a home video. However, there are moments where the picture is softer. Colors are intensely saturated. Black levels are dark and achromatic. Shadows are well defined.

Tim Robbins has been challenged to portray an unjustly imprisoned person. He was a successful, non-criminal man who wasn’t used to prison life. He played Andy Dufresne. Robbins “interprets” Andy, a role that was adapted from a Stephen King story. As an example, observe Andy as he enters the prison. He captured the essence and character of a man who was far beyond his comfort zone. Robbins captures the fear, wonder and alienation Andy felt on that day. Robbins achieved this only by describing how a man innocent would feel in prison.

Morgan Freeman has, however, played a variety of different roles. He is a father figure for some inmates but he also becomes Andy’s close friend. Throughout the movie, he also narrates. Freeman is so easily recognizable that his voice is often heard in commercials. It may seem that Freeman is a character actor, but this couldn’t more wrong. Freeman has a unique acting style, which he showed in this movie.

Freeman’s character, “Red”, convinces his audience that he cares about his parole. His eyes, even though they are pursed as he walks, tell a hopeful story. It is evident in his desire for a conversation with “younger”, he also wants to communicate. Then, magically, the door opens and he’s out. The story is told by his eyes. He’s truly surprised at the feeling of freedom. Years later he plays a cult like leader in Oblivion. His versatility allows him the opportunity to work in a variety of genres, from drama to sci-fi to comedy (Bruce Almighty).

Bob Gunton has a great sense of character. He plays the prison warden in The Shawshank Redemption. It is a role he plays repeatedly and does so well. Gunton has not achieved the “star” status of Robbins or Freeman, despite being recognizable. Gunton’s career has seen him work on the small and large screens. He has appeared in more television shows than films. It is clear that he’s a talented actor. But if you look at his filmography, it seems that he prefers to play dominant male roles.

Morgan Freeman is not “typecast”, or only placed in films that fit the roles he wants to play. Take for example his role as an old-time action hero or in the movie Oblivion he played Beech who is the leader of rebels that face Tom Cruise. Freeman’s acting has allowed him to adapt to different genres and excel in them.

SoundThe movie “Shawshank Redemption”, used different sound effects and music to affect the audience at all times. The movie starts with a sound effect that is not diegetic. It makes the movie interesting to the viewer. The tone used makes it obvious that this is an older movie. In a scene with darkness, the sound is in contrast to the darkness. It emphasizes the mystery of the scene. The audience is affected by the sudden stop of the music or sound.

A gun was found at the scene. It announced the target of the shot. It was often replaced when the ascending sound stopped.

Sound bridges are used to create a smooth and engaging transition between scenes. The sound is a very important part of the film because it allows the transition between asynchronous and synchronous tunes.

This is the case when the murder is mentioned in the first scene of the court. This method appears in many movies, because the scenario is different and shows a crime that was not committed. By using this method, the combination of non-diegetic music and thrill tones was used. Two scenes appear and display the sound of a gun.

The movie has good sound effects that allow the audience to express their emotions based on different scenarios. It is an old song, but it’s a good one. The music makes the film more alive. The film is also based on sound effects and not a song.

SettingShawshank is the setting for 95% of the story. It’s worth mentioning. What better way to get an audience to empathize the protagonist of a movie than to create that helpless sense of claustrophobia or desperation. The trick is to trap us with Andy, Red and Shawshank in a claustrophobic atmosphere for two long hours.

Andy’s gate is closed to us the minute his bus passes through. The audience has to endure with him each attack by an inmate, every stay in The Hole or every meal in the cafeteria that is swarming with maggots. When Andy eventually escapes, the viewers begin to cheer. We’re not just rooting for Andy to escape because he’s our hero, but also because the place is a mess. We would almost go through the sewer with him to get to a filming location that was exceptional.

Andy has a candy-filled existence as far as Shawshank is concerned. He is able to do what he enjoys and excels at, which is working in the library. He locks one guard inside a toilet after he goes all rebellious and plays that record. Imagine being the warden’s favourite.

The Most Sadistic Apartment EverWhen anyone leaves Shawshank, big-wigs in charge are happy to welcome them back into the world by placing them at the most depressing boarder of all.

It’s not inherently bad. The room is spacious and well-lit. It appears to be comfortable enough. Brooks gets so angry he hangs up, and Red almost follows suit.

They come home to that room every single night and have plenty of time to think about issues. The loneliness is felt most in this room. Red would likely not change his frown if Brooks had been carved into that beam.

ZihuatanejoIn a sense, Zihuatanejo could be a real city, but that isn’t the only thing important. The idea of an idyllic seaside town is more important. Zihuatanejo represents freedom and hope. Andy has a carrot in front of him, which keeps him motivated each time that he feels like he won’t make it out of the tunnel. The film is also a great example of how to achieve a goal, even if you don’t have to dig your way out of prison.

EditingThe editing ability of the director in the movie is very interesting because each scene contains a tribute. The first five minutes are a demonstration of a weapon that is used to draw attention and indicate the Shawshank Redemption’s theme. Camera skills are used to connect the story. It can be used to emphasize the various expressions or emotions of actors, depending on what the scenario is. Cutaways are a type of image. This is done as well in parallel editing that emphasizes multiple contemporary actions within one film sequence. The tension-producing process shows a variety of viewpoints and dramatic irony if the actors do not anticipate the events unfolding. This movie also uses the cross-cutting editing style. The film is able to show the various settings and locations. There are many ways to improve the film.

The film’s flashbacks show that the lightening is used in a dark tone, giving the feeling of mystery and suspense. It looked messy in every character’s movements. The lawyer’s help in the movie allows it to be a more professional and correct movement.

In the final clip, viewers get a bird’s eye view of Red’s entire prison. The audience becomes more alert in that scene as they wait to see what happens to Red. The audience is following a prison bus, and overtakes it. A shot is followed by an aerial viewpoint which begins with the inmates awaiting the new intake. This is a great way to set up the audience for a suspense-filled, thrilling film.


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Kayla Russo is an educational blogger and volunteer and student. She is a 27 yo educational blogger and volunteer and student who loves to help others learn.

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