Expression Of The Fear Of Future Technology In Films

Cyberpunk is a style of science fiction that describes a dystopian future with high-tech technology. Cyberpunk was a unique theme and is now used in more TV shows, films, and animations. In addition to the brilliant scene, the plot that provokes thought is even more appealing. Film production teams often try to convey their fear of high tech through their films. These ideas serve as a warning to the human race.

First, cyborgs will complicate the definitions of life. Blade Runner has Gaff discussing female cyborgs. Who does? (Scott Blade Runner) This movie is about a new type robotic called Replicant. These robots are not human cloning, but they look exactly the same as real humans. These replicants will not be allowed to remain on Earth. They can only do low-level, dangerous work on colonies on other planets. Some replicants later start rebellions and seek to free themselves from slavery. They want to live longer and so they travel to Earth to search for their genetic engineers. These replicants meet the main character who is responsible for their death. They are unable to co-exist because they were genetically engineered to be self-thinking. Their living conditions are more severe than the human environment. They will be tempted to violate the human order if they are subjected to enough suffering. Also, if replicants can be thought independently, humans may face rebellion if they are made as similar to humans. These are the most crucial questions for the existence of Cyborg. Humanity will be lost if technology becomes too dependent on it. The Ghost in the Shell is an animated Japanese film. This title refers to “Ghost” as an abstract representation of self-awareness. Ghost can be contained in “Shell”. Each person has an electronic brain that connects them all to the global network. Even if all tissues in the body are damaged, people don’t need death to worry about. Doctors are able to implant an electronic brain to a new patient to allow for continued life. High technology has its own risks. While electronic brain is a convenience for humans, it can also be maliciously altered to alter its own memories. One scene is classic from this movie: A garbage sweeper was used as a weapon by criminals to commit an offense. The police officer asked him about his first marriage. (Oshii Ghost in the Shell).” He couldn’t answer the question because he did not have any memory. He knows only that he was married and had a child. All of this is being done by an unidentified person. He looked at his wallet, and cried uncontrollably. He is actually a single, humble man who has never been in love. The original purpose of technology was to help people live more comfortably and better. Technology is convenient, but humans have addictive tendencies and rely heavily on it. The plot involves altering the electronic brain’s memories to warn humans that technology is not enough. Their communication skills are similar to many in modern life. They can’t communicate face-to–face with people because they type on social software. While technology today is not at the same level as the film, the mobile device is very similar to an electronic brain. For a few hours, people could leave their mobile phone behind. People will feel awkward because they are unable to communicate with others who live far from them at all times. The mobile phone and the electronic brain are in different places. The electronic brain is at the top of the body, the phone is on your hip, but they are already part and parcel of your body.

It will be hard to verify the authenticity of information that is already known if a virtual world is created. The Matrix tells the story of a young hacker who finds out that the Matrix is an artificial intelligence system. He was able to escape from this virtual world by the aid of rebel members. The rebel leader told the hacker that he knew nothing about it, but that he felt it. It’s something you’ve felt all your life. It isn’t clear what it might be, but it is there. (Lana & Lilly, The Matrix).” He woke up in the virtual world to find himself trapped in an unknown liquid filled container with a wire attached. He learned later that robots had defeated human beings long ago. Few people now live in hidden cities. He has now joined the fight against artificial intelligence together with others. The film’s theme is a warning to all scientists. Advanced artificial intelligence created the world of the film and not humans. The future will be even more challenging for humans if they can create virtual worlds like the Matrix. Ghost in the Shell also addresses a similar issue, the modified brain memory problem. This worldview may lead to people not being able to touch the things they perceive. People cannot know if they touch the thing. Even if they know they touched it, they can’t be certain that it is actually there. If everything has been arranged, then it is all just a prop.

These films tell a story about the future of technology. Living with a cyborg will make it hard to identify the true nature of life. The creator of the machine made a mistake and it has problems. It is essential that humans establish clear principles in order for technology to work well with them.

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    Kayla Russo is an educational blogger and volunteer and student. She is a 27 yo educational blogger and volunteer and student who loves to help others learn.



Kayla Russo is an educational blogger and volunteer and student. She is a 27 yo educational blogger and volunteer and student who loves to help others learn.

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