Paradox Of The Star: Analysis Of Beyonce’ Instagram Account

Beyonce is a contemporary artist that I will be discussing in this essay. Beyonce is an American singer/songwriter. Her instagram account will be my focus. Beyonce’s Instagram pages had some interesting information that I discovered after a quick look. Richard Dyers’ paradox of the star suggests that stars are present through music, interviews and social media but are absent from people’s lives because they don’t know the audience personally. Dyer says that stars can be ordinary or extraordinary because they are still people behind the fame. Stars must eat, sleep and pay their bills to survive financially. Many of the same activities enjoyed by the start are shared with their friends and family. Their fans will find them more relatable by watching TV, reading and playing videogames. They are not only extraordinary for their wealth, but they also get to attend exclusive events and are invited to VIP parties. These photos are appealing to fans because they show their wealth. It is obvious that her photos are taken by professionals. It is amazing how many of her posts are on Instagram. Also, how much it costs to have professional photos taken. Her fame is also evident in the photos she has taken of herself on magazine covers or at exclusive events. Her Instagram account has far fewer photos that showcase her ordinary life. There are more pictures of her and her children doing everyday things. This is probably one reason why there are so many people who idolize Beyonce and worship her feet. Beyonce’s music is a part of people’s lives. People can listen to it and feel connected to her. It’s unlikely that she will respond to all of the messages she receives each day due to her hectic schedule. She can’t be both present and absent simultaneously. Beyonce has been described as “more extraordinary than normal” by the paradox of star. Fans will find her less relatable than other stars, who are seen as just as ordinary and extraordinary as the fans. These things are what make stars interesting, but audiences will only be attracted to stars they can relate to or feel they represent. However, this does not mean that all viewers will find the celebrity appealing because they are special. Beyonce and other stars are often portrayed as being exceptional and promoted to this end. Beyonce is almost as present as she is absent due to the above reasons. The result is that many fans feel they know Beyonce but are not actually close to her. Another theory you can apply to Beyonce’s Instagram account is the gratification theory. This theory explains why people continue to follow her even though she is not relatable. People use her social media to meet their basic needs. Beyonce’s identity means that they share her opinions or admire her. Education – They are interested in learning more about Beyonce and her career. Interaction – This gives them something to talk about with others who enjoy Beyonce. Escapism allows people to escape from the daily grind and look at Beyonce’s lavish lifestyle. Beyonce’s Instagram account also had these other interesting things:

Her Instagram is extremely organized and beautiful. It supports the wrong stereotype that females have Instagram aesthetics. Her photos all feature makeup. She hasn’t (from what I could see) posted any pictures without makeup. This could support the idea that makeup is a must-have for women to look beautiful. But she does post pictures of herself wearing tight and revealing clothes.

It is important that she shows off her body. This encourages self-love and positive body image. A few photos show her standing in power positions. This, combined with her fame and wealth, as well as her influence over her fans, paints her as a powerful, important figure. In the past, hegemonic ideologies believed that women should be weaker than men and that men should be in control. This ideology has become counter-hegemonic. Gender equity is promoted. Richard dyer’s Star Theory cannot be fully applied on Beyonce’s Instagram. Brand photos and RIchard dyes star theories can be applied. Gratification theory, Beyonce simultaneously backs down and breaks down stereotypes.



Kayla Russo is an educational blogger and volunteer and student. She is a 27 yo educational blogger and volunteer and student who loves to help others learn.

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