Summery Of The Story Of David And Goliath

The Old Testament Bible, first book of Samuel Chapter 17 contains the story about David. It is the story about David, a young soldier who decides to fight Goliath. Goliath, a great Philistine soldier who challenges Israel’s armies to fight him, is known as. The men, however, were too afraid to confront the enemy. While David was at work, young David checked on his brothers and heard Goliath challenge them. Goliath’s challenge to Israel and God offends David. David accepts the challenge, even though he doesn’t have any armor.

David attempted to convince Saul that he would fight Goliath. He said, “If I can defeat him, and kill me then, we will be slaves of you and you will serve us.” After the battle, Israel was panic-stricken and extremely afraid. Goliath fought Israel over 40 days, 40 nights. His daughters were offered marriage by the victor in war. He thought he was endangering the living gods. This was not OK. Goliath planned to attack him. This was why the war was called milchamet. All the men present consider this a terrible idea. Goliath is a skilled soldier and has strong armor. He also carries a spear and a sword. David had something that Goliath did’t – the living God at his side. David leaps forward and grabs his sling. Goliath falls as a result.

Florentines understood this to be more than just King David from The Bible. There were many affiliations. First, David triumphs over his enemy in the biblical story. Even though he’s the underdog. God helps him overcome his enemy. Florentines felt like David’s people because they beat their enemy, Duke of Milan, with God’s assistance. Goliath is now the Duke of Milan.

Milan was far more powerful than Florence. Milan was a trading culture, not a military power. Florence was a republic. Milan, however, was totalitarianism. It had one ruler. David became the Florentine Republic’s representative. Anybody would have seen this figure in fifteenth-century Italy and understood it to be a reference of the liberties and freedoms enjoyed by Florentine people.



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