Elvis Presley: From An Unknown Musician To The Best-selling Artist Of All Time

There are many names who have had success in American entertainment. But none can match Elvis Presley. Elvis is the King of Rock and Roll and the most well-known and best-selling musician of all time. Elvis’ impact was not limited to music. He also made an impact on issues of human rights and politics. Elvis is still as popular and culturally relevant today as when he was alive, despite his passing more than 40 years ago. We will be looking at Elvis’ journey from a young musician in Tennessee to being the most-sold solo artist.

Elvis was born to Vernon Presley and Gladys Presley on the 8th of Jan 1935 in Tupelo. Elvis was a twin. His brother, however, died stillborn. He was raised in an evangelical Christian family. His parents attended an Assembly of God Church with him. He attributes his love for music to the church. When Elvis was just a teenager, his parents moved to Memphis, Tennessee. After high school, he attended L.C Humes High. His music teacher said that he didn’t have the talent to sing. He worked as a usher at Loew’s State Theater and other establishments such as Precision Tool and MARL Metal Products before he became a full-time musician and was named one of the most successful musicians of all time. He worked as a truck driver at Crown Electric Company after graduating. Then, he had to work as an usher in Loew’s State Theater and other establishments like Precision Tool and MARL Metal Products. In 1954, however, all that changed. After failing to impress Sun Records management with his auditions, Elvis eventually got the job. In June 1954, he sang Without You. While he did not win the audition, Elvis impressed Sam Phillips, his manager at Sun Records. Sam formed a group around Elvis and Winfield Moore. They recorded their first single, That’s all Right. The song, That’s All Right, was first recorded three days later. It was featured on Red Hot, Blue and became an instant success, with many people calling to verify its identity. Blue Moon Of Kentucky, his second single, launched Elvis’ professional career.

Elvis Presley began performing on stage after the songs became so popular. His first performance was at the Bon Air Club on 17 July 1954. Although he was nervous at first, he became more comfortable performing on the stage and gained more popularity. Elvis Presley gained national fame as a performer and musician. He was booked on CBS Stage Show in 1956 to showcase his musical talent and style. Elvis made six appearances on the CBS Stage Show over six months, which proved to be a huge success. He also released the first album of his career, cementing his status as a national musician. He recorded many singles during his time, as well as a few albums. Elvis Presley was the first album he recorded and it sold over one,000,000 copies. It was the first rock and pop album to do so, and it spent ten weeks at top of Billboard’s Top Pop Albums Charts. This set a precedent that would see him become one of the most successful music artists in history.

The King, as the legend was called, released 23 studio albums. More than 100 posthumous compilations were also made. His discography includes 665- 711 songs. He has been awarded 110 gold, 47 platinum, and 27 multiplatinum albums. The Recording Industry Association of America reports that he has sold more than 1.5 billion records around the world, and at least 600,000,000 in the United States. This makes Elvis Presley one of the most successful solo artists of all-time.



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